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Credit Card Defense

Credit Card Defense

So a credit card has gone to court and sued you.  Maybe you come home and find a Summons taped to your door – maybe you get a letter from court – or too often you suddenly find your bank account frozen.
Do not panic, I can help.

If you are sued by a credit card, you can successfully fight it – even if they already have a judgment against you.

Big financial companies have a difficult time actually producing proof that you owe them money – this is especially true of debt collectors.

What they do is sue a hundreds of people and wait to get judgments or settlements against them and then they collect.

When you fight back, you put a wrench in their system as they are not set up for people to swing back at them – they are set up to scare and intimidate you into paying them not to actually prove you owe them money.

Moreover, they use underhanded methods of doing this.  In New York, they have to give you a copy of the lawsuit by serving it upon you.  Far too often they engage in “Sewer Service” where they outright lie and get a judgment by telling the court you knew about it and did not respond and that is when you suddenly find your bank account frozen.  You call them and they agree to release the restraint if you pay them a portion of what is in the bank.  They are worse then loan sharks!

Do not let them intimidate you – call me so I can take the fight to them.

I can vacate judgments and get your bank account released.

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